Personal Details
Title Sports Physician
Primary Specialty Sports Medicine
Qualifications General Practioner, Bachelor of Medicine
Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners

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Dr Christopher Schoeb is a general practitioner with a developing interest in musclo-skeletal medicine. He is currently working towards a masters degree in Sports and Exercise medicine at Queen Marys, University of London.

Dr Schoeb came to medicine later in life, having previously worked as a chartered accountant with Ernst and Young. He graduated as a doctor in 2008 having trained as St Georges medical school, London. He then trained in general practice, and now works in local surgeries.

Dr Schoeb has always enjoyed sport and endurance events and this led to his specific interest in the musculoskeletal side of medicine.

He believes it is important to consider how nutrition, posture and life stressors can impact on health outcomes whilst incorporating traditional medicine to give the best outcome. He has developed an interest in back pain partly due to the high number of patients he sees with acute and chronic back problems