Personal Details
Clinical Lead Karl Khan
Primary Specialty Physiotherapy
Qualifications BSC (HONS) Physiotherapy, MCSP, HCPC

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Karl Khan is a qualified physiotherapist who has an expansive range of experience working in both the private and public sector (NHS). Karl has worked both in the UK and the USA with teams in Tucson Arizona and Washington DC.

Karl also has a background in the management of private physiotherapy clinics and readily understands the importance of professionalism and delivery from a patient perspective. Due to this Karl has a number of personal connections with a diverse range of professionals including: Orthopaedic consultants, GP’s, nutritionists and pain specialists

Karl utilises a variety of treatment techniques, in which he uses to bespoke every treatment program. Having worked in numerous private clinics in London and working in specialist orthopaedic centres in Tucson, Karl was able to develop his hands on skills, to provide techniques ranging from soft tissue release to joint manipulation. Karl has worked in sports since 2010 and has worked alongside and utilised knowledge from personal trainers, rehab specialists and sports coaches. He has worked as physio at Charlton Athletic FC and alongside numerous of hockey teams in London and Essex. The experience of working with sports teams has provided Karl with a vast understanding of exercise which he can adapt for every situation.

Karl prides himself on management techniques and knows the importance of not only keeping the patients happy but also the team happy. In doing this Karl organises social events, professional development events and makes sure that he spends time with each practitioner to achieve their goals.