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Title Podiatrist
Primary Specialty Podiatry
Qualifications BSc (Hon), MCoP

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Alecia graduated from the University of East London in 2014 with a degree in podiatric medicine and has Prescription only medicine annotation with the HCPC. Alecia is currently undertaking her MSc in the theory of podiatric surgery in the University of Huddersfield as her ambition is to become a podiatric surgeon.

Since graduating I have worked in both the private sector and the NHS and have gained a great deal of experience treating a wide range of conditions and pathologies of the foot and ankle. My mains specialist includes Musculoskeletal and Biomechanical and surgical aspect of podiatry including Nail surgery.

Treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies and conditions includes a Biomechanical/Musculoskeletal examination, the results are then discussed of the with client and a treatment plan is formulated. This treatment plan will include personalised advice, stretching and strengthening exercise plans, footwear advice and prescription of either off the shelf or custom-made orthotics with aim of the resolving a presenting symptomatic condition or to further improve foot function to prevent future problems.

I believe that treating the patient has an individual and manage patient expectations and key aspect of patient care.  I believe that helping the patient to understand their conditions whilst working with to them create and effective treatment plan are important for achieving the best outcomes for us our patients.