Shockwave Therapy

Spinal shockwave consists of audible high energy sound waves which have been in use in medical practice since 1980. Spinal Dolor shockwave therapy is applied to a painful region of the body. Positive effects which have been observed include.

  • Increased blood circulation to the region
  • Stimulate tissue metabolism
  • Allows micro-movement to the tissue of the treatment region allowing for better range of movement.

These effects allow damaged, fatigues tissues to gradually regenerate, thereby promoting healing.

These experiences in the use of the Dolor Spinal shockwave has confirmed that pain from pathological alterations in muscles, tendons, ligaments bone and spinal discs can be eliminated systematically using this therapy. It is a highly effective procedure to treat pain and restore function with minimal side effects or risk.


Risks of Shockwave Therapy & FAQ's

Spinal Dolor Shockwave Therapy is an extremely safe and effective, non-invasive technique.

Risks from shockwave therapy:

  • Short-term aggravation of symptoms
  • Redness and bruising
  • Pain and discomfort during and post-treatment
  • Potential damage of lung and gut tissue
  • Potential damage of immature epiphyses in children
  • Possible dissemination of malignant tumours
  • Potential damage to articular cartilage

At London Back Pain Clinic we use the STORZ DOLOR

At London Back Pain Clinic we always conduct an initial assessment to determine if your condition is appropriate for treatment with Shockwave Therapy.

Treatment can cause a little discomfort during and post-treatment. Please discuss this with your physiotherapist if you are concerned (also please see below).

Research shows weekly sessions of the appropriate amount prescribed by your Consultant/Physiotherapist shows maximum results.

Spinal Dolor Shockwave Therapy is a new technique, not offered anywhere else in the UK. The combination of it being non-invasive, highly effective and a completely new treatment modality, makes it potentially a game-changer in the management of back pain.

Our physiotherapists have undergone the specialist training needed to operate this system, and to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this exciting new treatment.

Our aftercare service means that we will provide help and assistance should this be necessary with sequential and periodic reviews.

The treatment can cause a little discomfort, but the vast majority of people tolerate this very well, particularly because the first 500 or so impulses generally have an immediate pain-relieving effect.

A few patients feel a little bit of discomfort for a day after treatment, but this is not seen in the majority of those treated. It is extremely rare for patients to need painkillers after the treatment.

If you notice any excess bruising, pain or unusual sensations please contact us immediately on 020 3865 5483

Conditions treated:

These are some of the conditions treated using Shockwave Therapy.