Turbomed is an innovative foot brace that’s been especially designed to enable people affected by foot drop to enjoy activities like walking, hiking and running again.

LBPC is pleased to be able to offer this innovative new treatment, to help patients affected by foot drop regain full mobility and return to enjoying activities like walking, hiking and running. If foot drop is affecting your walking or balance, and making participating in physical activities difficult or impossible, find out how Turbomed could help transform the situation and enable you to move forward with your life.

Conditions Treated Using Turbomed

Turbomed is designed to help people affected by foot drop.

Foot drop is a complication that occurs in a small percentage of people with damage or significant impingement to the sciatic nerve, as a result of injury or problems such as a herniated or prolapsed disc (you can read more about these in our ‘Conditions’ pages). It means nerve signals aren’t able to reach the muscles in the top of the foot correctly, which makes lifting the foot and toes difficult or, in some cases, impossible.

The severity of foot drop can vary but it often results in difficulty with ‘foot clearance’, which means the foot doesn’t lift properly off the ground when you walk and may drag along instead. This can result in discomfort and issues with gait, balance and posture as the body tries to compensate for the affected foot. It can also result in tripping, as well as difficulty with mobility and fitness activities. Foot drop often gets better with time but can also be permanent.

Unlike other foot drop braces and orthotics, Turbomed has been designed specifically with activities like walking, hiking and running in mind. This means it’s ideal for people who enjoy being fit and active, and are keen to return to full fitness following a back injury or back pain problems. The product has been rigorously tested with positive results.

Turbomed works well with most fitness shoes and trainers, and can be worn with high walking boots and shoes plus winter and safety boots, as well as sandals and dress shoes. It’s simple to fit and attaches to the outside of your shoe, so there’s no contact with the foot or ankle. The brace can also be easily adjusted to fit with different footwear.

At LPBC, we are passionate about helping everybody free themselves from back pain, and provide treatments that enable you to move forward with your life and return to the activities you enjoy. Alongside Turbomed, our specialist team can provide a complete patient-led treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. This may also include specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy to help manage and improve your foot drop.