Our Services

Restore Movement

MSK Physiotherapy


  • For Back and Neck Pain
  • Sciatic and Disc Problems
  • Post-Operative Rehab
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Neuro Conditions



  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson's Disease
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Mental Health

Psychotherapy CBT


  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Fibromyalgia
Foot Specialist



  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Corrective Management
  • To The Foot, Ankle and Lower Limb
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Sports Injury

Sports Medicine


  • Nutrition
  • Physical Fitness
  • Prevention of Injuries
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  • Inter Scapula Neck Pain
  • Muscle Trigger Point Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
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Our Specialised Treatments

At London Back Pain Clinic, it is our goal to provide treatment to minimise the need for surgery. We will do all we can to help get you back on your feet.

Feet & Lower Limbs

Biomechanical/Gait Analysis


  • Range of Motion
  • Proprioception (balance)
  • Foot Posture Index
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Low Impact



  • Lower Back Pain
  • Post Spinal Surgery
  • Osteoporosis
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  • Footdrop
  • Impingement to the Sciatic Nerve
  • Herniated or Prolapsed Disc
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Minor Surgery

Toenail Surgery


  • Ingrowing (involuted) Toenails
  • Infected Ingrowing Toenails
  • Fungal Infected Toenails
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Anatomically Efficient

Custom Orthotics


  • Correct Foot Deformities
  • Foot and Ankle Function
  • Ankle Support
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Arch Supports

Off The Shelf Orthotics


  • Highly Adaptable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Wide Range of Conditions
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Our Clinics

Patient Feedback

Shaun Roberts was very thoughtful, considered and able to adapt techniques and strategy as we moved through the therapy and different aspects surfaced. I found him approachable, trustworthy and professional. He listened when I feedback that I had not grasped something and he thought around different approaches that would be suitable to me, taking into account personality and desired outcome. He was able to play back to me things that were evident to him, but not evident to me. I felt heard and treated as an individual.

Patient X LBPC Patient

I started seeing Karl after back surgery and his treatment has been a really important part of my recovery. He has provided effective manual therapy to improve flexibility, alleviate post-op stiffness and soreness, and reduce scarring round the site of the surgery. He has also given me an exercise plan that has progressed according to my rehabilitation. Karl is professional, friendly and easy to contact, and I would recommend him to anyone needing a physiotherapist.

Content Editor at Dennis LBPC Patient

I was helped by Minhal for Plantar Fasciitis in my foot. I had already seen two physios prior to seeing Minhal and neither of them were of any help. Minhal immediately recognized what needed to be done and over the course of the next 2 months, via shock wave therapy and massages, cured my condition almost completely. I would highly recommend Minhal for any physiotherapy related problems.

Fixed income structuring at HSBC global Banking and Markets LBPC Patient

Karl is very professional and friendly, he doesn't just give you exercises to do and off you go! He is hands-on and I have seen improvements immediately. I would recommend Karl to anyone needing a physiotherapist. He is by far the most effective physiotherapist I have had.

Business and Data Analyst at The Economist LBPC Patient

I recently saw Minhal for physiotherapy and was very satisfied with his work. He quickly identified the problem and got me back to full fitness, and did so in an approachable and down-to-earth manner.

Director at MetLife Private Capital Investors LBPC Patient

Cannot recommend Minhal enough. Did great work on my long-standing back problem, clearly and patiently explaining what was wrong and what needed to be fixed.

Global Head of Corporate ratings at Fitch Ratings LBPC Patient

Minhal is very good at his job. He has very good listening skills and can help resolve issues of pain management and treatment in an effective and professional manner. Minhal has helped me recover from my injury quickly and in a safe and pain-free manner. I would recommend Minhal for treatment of any musculoskeletal injuries.

BBVA London Branch – legal department LBPC Patient

Minhal got me fit and ready for my last triathlon of the year. I came to him with no real idea what the injuries were or how to fix them - Minhal was able to triage and diagnose the exact issues I was having, placed me on a strict training regime and was always available for support in and out of work hours. Without his help and guidance, I would not have completed my Charity fundraising this year and will be eternally grateful for his support and expertise. Thanks Minhal

IT Project Manager at Howard De Walden Estate LBPC Patient

I went to see Minhal with a knee problem which had been causing me stiffness and pain. A few weeks on and thanks to Minhal's advice and treatment my knee is much improved. Thanks, Minhal!

Technical Specialist, Regulatory Developments at Barclays UK LBPC Patient

Karl was very perceptive in identifying the nature of the injuries I was carrying and was instrumental in helping me to recover from them. He was very patient and possesses great knowledge around the type of exercise plans and treatment necessary to resolve the joint difficulties I was experiencing. Overall, I found Karl to be an extremely attentive and intelligent physiotherapist who delivers targeted and effective treatment to his clients.

Senior Legal Counsel at IHS LBPC Patient

I saw Karl having recently had some ineffective physiotherapy elsewhere. He gave a very detailed verbal and physical assessment of my problems and having quickly diagnosed the problem areas in my back (and importantly, other key areas affecting the back) got straight into some really effective treatment from the first session. A few treatments later, and I have no pain, am doing all sports again, and my back feels great. Highly professional, would highly recommend!

Private Equity Distributions at Quest Fund Placement LBPC Patient

Minhal is a true health professional who has helped me recover from a number of injuries in a short space of time - his effective and efficient care is second to none.

Operations and Commercial manager at RAS cargo international LBPC Patient

Minhal is a master at what he does. I have been to several Physio sessions before but by far most impressed with his willingness to look after the client needs and his proactive approach to describing and making me understand in simple terms what was happening. I would have no hesitations in recommending Minhal to any of my mates or colleagues. All best for the future- keep up the great work!

Controls Officer at Societe Generale Securities Services LBPC Patient

I was sent to Minhal to receive physio treatment. After the first treatment, I noticed an improvement. Every treatment caused an improvement thanks to his hard work and expertise. I cannot recommend him enough.

Manager at EY LBPC Patient

Karl has been amazing at identifying the problem and provided targeted treatment/exercises to achieve my fast recovery. Excellent professional and expertise, I highly recommend Karl! Many thanks for your extra tips and flexibility.

Online Division at Lauder Companies LBPC Patient

Cannot recommend Minhal enough. I went to see Minhal for a lower back and knee injury. A few sessions in and I was recovering well. Minhal provided a thorough consultation and took the time to understand my injuries prior to working his magic. Thank you.

Support Team Manager at Thompson Reuters Elite LBPC Patient

Minhal treated me recently and within a couple of weeks my symptoms were fully under control thanks to his knowledge and efforts. He also took time during the sessions to explain exactly what the problem was and how I could self-manage any future flare-ups. I would thoroughly recommend Minhal.

Executive Director at Morgan Stanley LBPC Patient

I was training for my first half marathon trying to raise money for charity and suffered a few injuries. Minhal gave me excellent guidance and practical support to target the affected areas and ensure I made it to the start line. Without doubt, if it had not been for him I would not have made it.

Regional Head – treasury services implementation at J.P Morgan LBPC Patient

In my life, I have had various injuries. Seen over a dozen physiotherapists but none of my symptoms had ever been cured completely, one of my cousins recommended Minhal to me, at this point, I just wanted somebody who could customize their approach and giving me the treatment that I needed. Thankfully I had met Minhal. Not only did he fix my issue he also booked me in to see me for all issues I had. He used methods that only top pros probably get and also very informative and very detailed. His style is unique he is a true healer and lucky I have someone I can rely on going forward!

Assistant Branch manager Barclays Bank Designation

I am in therapy with Minhal for a couple of months and he has given me great advice and treatment for my back pain and health issues. Thanks for all your hard work!

Sr Manager; EMEA Marketing LBPC Patient

I went to Minhal on the strength of his extensive experience with Musculoskeletal sports injuries. Minhal systematically approached the injury, isolating the issue and prescribing a comprehensive set of rehabilitation stretches and the efficient use of manual/electrotherapy.

EMEA Finance Director – passive Asset Management at Deutsche Bank LBPC Patient

I have a long-standing back problem that aggravates from time to time. Last year, my problem aggravated quite a bit, and I was referred to Karl by my insurance for treatment and rehabilitation. He treated my back pain and advised me on various stretching and muscle strengthening exercises to prevent further aggravation. Thanks to Karl's advise and treatment, I was able to recover quickly and was back to my daily routine in no time. I would highly recommend Karl to anyone seeking a good therapist.

Senior Solutions Architect at Wipro LBPC Patient

I went to Karl with back pain and a reduced range of movements .I had already had two lots of NHS physio. Karl has been able to help me regain a much better range of movement and I have seen a big reduction in the pain I was having. I would definitely recommend Karl to anyone who needs Physio. He is very professional, personable and effective. I highly recommend his service.

Lead Strategic IT procurement at Jones Lang LaSALLE LBPC Patient

Karl treated me for back pain and this was very effective. He gave me some really good advice to ensure this problem will not recur and some easy exercises to help me. He has a nice friendly manner and made me feel at ease with the treatment.

Associate partner at EY LBPC Patient

I have been having treatment from Karl since Jan 2017 for an ongoing hamstring/back issue, which was preventing me from performing at 100% in both the gym and on the football pitch. As opposed to giving me a mundane textbook approach, Karl has ensured my treatment has allowed me to continue my work in the gym and on the football pitch while working towards a longer-term fix. He understood my (then) current routine and constantly changes it to ensure it stays interesting, while still making progress. I understand my own body much better now and this would not have been possible without Karl's help.

Account Director Hedge Funds at Thomson Reuters LBPC Patient