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Personalised care is what sets London Back Pain Clinic apart. We provide world-class care, tailored specifically to you.

  • Innovative back
    pain treatments

We strive to ensure our clients benefit from all the latest innovations and developments in back pain treatment, and offer a range of non-invasive techniques alongside traditional treatments like physiotherapy and injections.

  • We treat
    a wide range
    of back problems

Back pain is very common and can have a number of causes. Most often, non-traumatic back pain is related to musculoskeletal sprain or strain leading to inflammation, muscle weakening and fatigue and eventually deconditioning. ‘Wear and tear’ injuries and degenerative changes of the spine’s vertebral discs and facet joints can also cause acute and chronic pain.

Our quest is to help everyone free themselves from back pain. Take the first step by booking a consultation at one of our London clinics today.

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